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A mobile application called Paytm Bank Agent App is made for people who want to work as Paytm Payments Bank agents and provide clients with a range of financial services. The app is designed for those who want to offer local services including cash withdrawals, cash deposits, balance inquiries, money transfers, and other related services.

As a Paytm Bank Agent, you can use the app to:

  • Recruit new clients: The app can be used to recruit new clients who want to register a Paytm Payments Bank account.
  • Use the app to manage transactions including cash deposits, withdrawals, balance inquiries, and money transfers.
  • Track your commissions for the services you have rendered to consumers and keep track of your revenues with the app.
  • Get assistance: If you have any questions or concerns, you can utilize the app to contact Paytm Payments Bank for assistance.

You must fulfill certain eligibility requirements and go through a training program offered by Paytm Payments Bank in order to become a Paytm Bank Agent. Additionally, a smartphone with the Paytm Bank Agent App loaded is required.

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Find the most recent version of the Paytm BC app here.

Paytm New Version APK, Paytm KYC Agent App, and Paytm BC App. App for Paytm Payments Bank The most recent version of the Paytm BC App is accessible here. Paytm KYC Agent App continues to be updated. The most recent version of the Paytm BC App, as well as all previous versions, are available here.

How to Register as a Paytm Bank Agent

The following steps are part of the Paytm Bank Agent registration process:

Check for eligibility: You must meet certain requirements, including those for age, education, and criminal history, in order to work as a Paytm Bank Agent. On the Paytm website or by getting in touch with the Paytm Payments Bank support staff, you can check the eligibility requirements.
Application: After ensuring your eligibility, you can submit an application to work as a Paytm Bank Agent via the Paytm website or by getting in touch with the Paytm Payments Bank support staff. Your name, address, phone number, email address, and bank account information, as well as your professional details, will be requested.

Training: Following the approval of your application, you must complete a training course offered by Paytm Payments Bank. The training will cover a variety of topics related to the Paytm Bank Agent app, such as how to onboard clients, control transactions, and keep track of your earnings.
After finishing the training course, your account will be activated, enabling you to start providing services to consumers through the Paytm Bank Agent app. Additionally, a security tool will be given to you so that you can access the app safely.

Support on a continuing basis: Paytm Payments Bank will offer its agents support on a continuing basis, including frequent training and technical support to help you utilize the app efficiently and give consumers the best service possible.

How to get Paytm BC or the Paytm BC App

Call the customer service line for Paytm Payments Bank first. You enquire about obtaining Paytm Payments Bank CSP. Following passing the Paytm bc exam offered by the Paytm payment bank. Go to your State Paytm Payments Bank FSC after that. Then you apply to PPBL to open your business and savings accounts so that you can run your CSP.

Process Operating Paytm CSP, Paytm KYC Agent App, Paytm Ka ATM

You must maintain your store, and you require an Internet connection and a fingerprint scanner. Installing the Morpho RD Service app is required. The best time to start an account is when a customer visits your store and opens a savings account. You must have the client’s permission. You must inform the customer that if they phone the official Paytm number, they will receive a text message when you enter their mobile number.

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How to Install and Download the Paytm Bank Agent App

  • Paytm Bank Agent Application Download, install and sign in at
  • On the Paytm website or the Paytm app, create your own Paytm wallet account.
  • Install the Paytm Bank Agent App on a supported tablet or smartphone after downloading it.
  • Call us to get the Paytm Bank Agent App’s username and password.
  • Check out the Paytm Bank Agent App Training Module for KYC.
  • Use the same mobile number for your Paytm wallet and KYC.

Frequently Asked Questions :

How to register as a Paytm partner or BC agent?

Register as a Paytm Partner App or BC Agent Registration Create Your Own Paytm Wallet Account on or on Paytm App. Download Paytm Bank Agent App and Install it on the supported tab or Smart Phone. Call Us for the User ID and Password for Paytm Bank Agent App.

How to install the Paytm Bank Agent app?

Paytm Bank Agent App Download and Install, Login Create Your Own Paytm Wallet Account on or on Paytm App. Download Paytm Bank Agent App and Install it on the supported tab or Smart Phone.

How to create a Paytm Ka ATM BC agent account?

Create Your Own Paytm Wallet Account on or On Paytm App. Download Paytm Ka ATM BC Agent App and install it on the supported tab or smartphone. Call Us for the User ID and Password for Golden Gate App.

How to add money to the Paytm Payments Bank BC wallet?

Use the Same Mobile Number for Paytm Wallet & KYC. Now agents using this 3.8.7 BC APP can add money to their Paytm payments bank BC wallet through IMPS. In this app, agents can add money in 365 days. Also, a current account will be opened for all agents so that all commissions and BC WALLET MONEY can store there.


The Paytm BC Agent App serves as a comprehensive platform for individuals interested in becoming Paytm BCs. It equips them with the necessary tools to offer financial services to customers, simplifies the onboarding process, provides transaction monitoring capabilities, and offers access to training and support resources. Overall, it plays a crucial role in expanding financial inclusion in India by leveraging technology and empowering individuals to serve their communities.

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