Can You Use an Xbox Controller on PS4 or PS5? [2024]

How to Use Xbox Controller on PS4

How to Use Xbox Controller on PS4

How to Use Xbox Controller on PS4

Did you know about How to Use Xbox Controller on PS4, if yes then this article is for you. We will be discussing Read on for more.

An extensive tutorial on using an Xbox controller on a PS4 can be found in this blog! We will inform individuals who wish to utilise their Xbox controllers on their PS4s if they are compatible or not. Go here to read the entire blog.

The ability to utilise the Xbox controller with other devices, such as the PS4 or PS5, is a useful feature. It’s going to take some effort to use a controller from one system on another.

But it will undoubtedly succeed!

How to Use Xbox Controller on PS4

This trick works with a variety of gadgets, and you may share it with your friends as well. Now, those who enjoy playing video games and wish to use an Xbox controller on several platforms can do so.

We’ll read about the procedure and quick steps in this blog post to connect an Xbox controller to a PS4. Make sure to utilise your extra Xbox controller on other gadgets if you have one.

Is using an Xbox controller on a PS4 possible?

It is feasible, really! On the PS4, an Xbox controller can be connected. We’ll talk about a few of the various approaches in this blog post. One important connection point here is that you will have a stronger connection with the PS4 or PS5 if you have a more current controller.

Xbox users need to be aware that the company’s initial controllers are well-made.

With third-party hardware, an Xbox 360 controller can be utilised with several platforms.

It is feasible to use Bluetooth to make it happen. Strong connectivity between two separate gaming devices is ensured by Bluetooth connections. Gaming on many devices is seamless and fluid when Bluetooth connectivity is used.

Resources for PS4 Connection

There are various tools available for connecting the Xbox Controller to the PS4. The way these tools are utilised varies depending on the controller version. You can connect your controller to the PS4 wirelessly or via a wired connection, depending on which one you have.

The necessary instruments to link an Xbox controller to a PS4 are:

  • Bluetooth
  • Adapter
  • Driver
  • USB Cable
  • PS Remote Play App

You may connect a controller to a PS4

While it is feasible to connect an Xbox controller to a PS4, it should be noted that not all Xbox controllers are compatible with that. This is only compatible with newer controllers that have upgraded hardware. For such, there are specifically 5 different kinds of controllers.

The different types of Xbox controllers lie in these categories only.

  • Xbox 360 controller
  • Xbox Adaptive controller
  • Xbox One controller
  • Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S controller
  • Original Xbox controller: Duke

In a moment, we shall showcase these controllers’ features. You will learn how to link these various Xbox controllers to other PS4 devices. Note that each controller connects differently, so be careful to quickly read each one.

Xbox 360 Controller

This 360 controller version, which has a generic design, is the first modern Xbox controller. One of its special features is the ability to quickly connect and disconnect from devices.

Being the first, this may be used as a wireless Xbox controller on the PS4. In this case, adding a third-party adaptor to its connection is not necessary. However, you can ensure that you have greater connectivity by using an additional driver. Microsoft shares the driver for the PS4.

Adaptive Controller for Xbox

The Xbox Adaptive controller, created especially for players with disabilities, is an incredibly fascinating and useful device. This is where one can locate the QuadStick FPS, a particular kind of accessory. This makes it easier for players with limitations to enjoy the game.

However, this gamepad isn’t made to be connected to other gadgets, like the PS4.

Thus, regrettably, this controller is compatible with the PS4.

Xbox One controller

There are three versions of the Xbox One Controller: Series 1, 2, and 2 Core.

While the Series 2 is based on the Xbox Series S and X, the Series 1 is primarily used with the Xbox One controller. On the other hand, the Series 2 Core is an improved, customizable version of the Series 2. There is a great deal of market demand for the first two.

The PS4 networking features are the same for Xbox Series 1 and Series 2.

Controllers for the Xbox Series X and S

The first two controllers with Bluetooth connectivity were the Xbox series X and S. Because it is plug-and-play compatible and requires no additional hardware, it ensures that gamers have reasonable connectivity. It also has a standard micro-USB inside of it.

These versions maintain the overall layout and functionality. An updated USB-C connection was included with them. The controller has a button for a 3.5mm audio connector for headphones.

How to Use Xbox Controller on PS4

You will need an adapter or PS Remote Play in order to connect this controller to a PS4 or PS5.

This controller’s Bluetooth connectivity is incredibly seamless and provides a superior user experience than a USB cord. We advise utilising a USB cord so that you can play games on other devices without interruption. This is a rather easy match.

Duke: The first Xbox game controller

Duke is the original Xbox controller, which has a big, awkward appearance.

This controller is compatible with computers and may be connected using a regular USB cable. However, while connecting to the PS4, it is different. You will require an additional driver for this. The function of this driver is to translate signals between the devices that send and receive signals.

Alternatively, you can utilise it with a PS4 Remote Play app. Sony is the developer of this software!

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This was our guide on How to Use Xbox Controller on PS4

It is possible to easily move the Xbox content controller to the PS4 or PS5. You can share this trick with your friends and it works on a wide range of devices. Now, anyone who want to use an Xbox controller across many platforms and enjoy playing video games can do so.

This blog post explains the process and short cuts for connecting an Xbox controller to a PS4. If you have an additional Xbox controller, be careful to use it on other devices.

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